Birdwatching &

Enjoy the most beautiful sunrises and in the evening before nightfall join us in a trip to National Reserve to see birds in their natural habitat. The tour starts by exploring the surroundings of the island and then continues to the National Reserve. It is possible to find birds as grebes, ducks, and night herons among many others. Our guide will help you to identify all birds observed in the tour. Do not forget to bring your binoculars.


Floating Islands Sighting

Explore more than a hundred islands in two hours in a unique trip, where you can imagine, see and appreciate the wonderful lifestyle of one of the most ancient ethnic groups in the Highlands.


Reed Boat Ride

Ride on the traditional reed boat to learn about how we built our reed floating artificial islands, cutting reeds and fishing on the traditional way of life, then spend time left enjoying the peace and scenery of the lake.


Titicaca Canoeing

Titicaca canoeing is a new way to explore the lake at your pace while enjoying the serenity of its views and silence. Discover the nearby ecosystems strewn among its Totora reeds, an ideal location to observe local wildlife and plants making Titicaca their home. Don’t miss to enjoy views of the lodge and the rest of the floating islands as you make your way through the lake.


Dress Up In Folk Costume

Take advantage of the opportunity to dress like us and take pictures with the beautiful Titicaca Lake landscapes and expresses an identity through our local costume, which is usually associated with our daily life in all history. Such costumes often come in for everyday occasions or traditional festivals and formal wear.


Lake Titicaca Stand Up Paddle

Titicaca Lodge Peru offers at the top of the world a unique venue to do Stand Up Paddleboard to enjoy views of Lake Titicaca, see the diverse wildlife and floating islands and listen the song of birds and continue maybe watch the sun set into the lake. Fun for all of 21 and over paddlers. Great activity! At the highest navigable lake in the world, at least once in your lifetime!!!