Andean Panoramic Suite

Enjoy the comfort and views from your traditional room and discover a new dimension of hospitality.

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Outstanding lakeside views from the room. With beautiful, traditional interiors, including cosy armchairs and stylish furnishings in neutral earthy tones, this tranquil retreat is the perfect place to relax, unwind and to have an extraordinary experience you will never forget.

  •   Check in: 1:00pm
  •   Check out: 09:00am
  •   Room size: 80 ㎡
  •   Bed size: King size

Room layouts: Spacious independent room, sunrise – sunset views, 270° breathtaking lake views, panoramic windows, stylish interior, special style of decoration, private terraces, deck , private bathroom, eco toilet, solar energy, single reading lamps , amenities of courtesy, coffee table, sofa bed, cozy armchairs, towels, shower, cold water and hot 24 hours, cell phone charger (USB input) and chimenea for heating.

Included in the Price:

3 fixed meals included : Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Picking up at 12:30pm in shared service by boat from our local harbor Qalapajra to the Lodge
Dropping off at 9:30am at Qalapajra harbor in shared service by boat.
3 activities around the lodge ( reed boat ride,Titicaca canoeing and kayaking ).
Heating service: Fireplace with 2 liters of alcohol (lasts 3 hours)
Hot and cold drinks.

Not Included in the Price:

Picking up & dropping off service by auto from the city to local harbor Qalapajra (with extra cost)
Picking up & dropping off service from the airport (with extra cost)
Uros floating islands community visit (with extra cost)
Heating service whole night (extra cost)
Oxygen service with extra cost
Alcoholic drinks
Excursions (Taquile island and Sillustani).


Hot water is not permanent, because we have a solar hot water system that depends on weather conditions. It is also important to highlight that the hot water will be enough to have a nice shower and once the spout is open you will have to wait 1 to 2 minutes for the water to come out hot.

Our baths are 100% ecological with a dry bath system (The ecological dry bath, also known as a dry toilet, is a type of bath characterized by not using piped water, but instead taking advantage of the capabilities of composting (aerobic fermentation) and drying to degrade fecal matter). Highlight that this type of bath does not pollute the lake.
Our heating system is based on gas heaters that it is use during 2 hours timetable: 7:00 pm-9:00pm

The electrical energy is provided through solar panels that provide 12-volt power, this supplies only the light in the lodge facilities and only small electronic objects such as: cell phones and tablets can be charged. You must bring a cable with a USB input to charge your cell phones.

Bring warm clothes due to the low temperatures of the Andes (Day 17 ° C and at night – 3 ° C) this can vary depending on the season of the year, the cold in the highlands reaches the lowest temperatures during the early morning. , between the months of May-June-July but it is usually sunny during the day. Please check the weather conditions for the dates you will stay in our.

Confirm at least two days before the following details for your transfers. (Name of the transport company you are taking to get to Puno City, Place of departure of the transport for your arrival in Puno, time of arrival and place of arrival in the city of Puno). In the event that’s such information is not provided in advance, the lodge will not be responsible for your transfers and the extra costs that these services may generate, since our transfers are scheduled and paid in advance.


Where is the lodge located?

Our lodge is located in the middle of Lake Titicaca on a floating island.

Where is the local port Qalapajra?

Qalapajra harbor is 10 minutes from the city center, this is not the main port but a small alternate harbor. From this harbor we pick up our guests to transfer them by boat to our Lodge, the lake transfer lasts 20 minutes.

Where is there an airport in Puno?

There is only one airport and it is located in Juliaca, Juliaca is 1 hour from the city of Puno.

Why is check out so early 9:00 am?

Due to covid 19, the procedure for disinfection and cleaning of the rooms takes longer than normal since 5th generation quaternary ammonium is used with thermo nebulizers and vaporizers and bleach sprays. Disinfecting a room requires a minimum of approximately 2 ½ hours.

Should I bring warm clothes?

You should bring warm clothing with you throughout the year as the highland climate is characterized by being cold, particularly at night and early morning.

What things are prohibited inside the lodge?

  • – Pets are prohibited from entering our lodge, otherwise you will lose your reservation.
  • – Smoking is prohibited throughout the establishment because everything is made of wood and reeds or reed.
  • – The consumption of alcoholic beverages and meals inside the room is prohibited.
  • – It is forbidden to move the furniture from a place other than the one where it is located.

Do you have a parking area?

We do not have a parking area because we are located in the middle of Lake Titicaca, on a floating island.


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Welcome to Titicaca Lodge Peru. We are a rural lodging, exclusive for people looking to relax away from all the noise and for those who want to experience the lifestyle of the place with rural tourism and experiential tourism.