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  1. Since from our beginning inception, sustainability has been a core value at Titicaca Lodge Peru. We have been committed to conserving this incredible region and creating a sustainable property.
  1. Titicaca Lodge Peru is built with reed “Totora” local material grows at the reservation and wood. We believe in offer and selling local handicraft and employing indigenes people and run programs to benefit local school and community.
  1. Visitors may also contribute to the sustainable development in Titicaca lodge Peru program by transplanting a primary seedling to an area of secondary growth or you can visit our local school to take a wonderful tour with the children.
  1. We are dedicated to treating our beautiful Mother Earth, known as “Pachamama” in Peru, with respect and honor in exchange for all the abundance she gives to us.



  1. Titicaca Lodge Peru Floating Island is managed only using reeds to maintain the island.



  1. All our rooms are almost entirely made from reed and wood.
  2. We are builders of the floating Islands were use our physical conditions and traditional tools to build our rooms to protect the environment like people that live at the Uros floating Island
  3. Great efforts were made to keep the traditional way to build reed house to have beautiful landscaping to mitigate any damage caused.


  1. Our electricity is produced by solar panels.
  2. A separate gas system heat the mean dining area.
  3. The bed heating provided by hot bottles.
  4. All lighting (internal and external) uses low wattage bulbs with solar energy.
  5. In order to minimize water and detergent use, we do not routinely offer daily changing of sheets and towels. We encourage guests to carefully consider the environmental impact of their stay.
  6. We launder sheets and towels with environmentally friendly washing powder.
  7. Soaps, body wash, shampoo and conditioner are all environmentally friendly.



  1. The meals are prepared with fresh local ingredients and organic products served in our dining room.
  2. Certain liquors and special wines available at additional cost.



  1. All paper, glass and metal waste is recycled at our local recycling center.
  2. We are taking steps to minimize paper use.
  3. Coffee supplied is Fair Trade and/or organic.



  1. We offer a wide selection of local activities. These have low environmental impact.
  2. We offer optional tours at additional cost



  1. We actively encourage native birdlife by looking after them from hunters.