About Us

The dream began thanks to two people who yearned to travel the world and have their own business but to achieve it they had to become more involved in tourism, both worked in different places and sectors of tourism such as hotels and travel agencies; one of them had a very happy and adventurous personality, likewise he had a very special connection with people, the other was very methodical, innovative and very good at projecting new ideas; without a doubt they were the perfect complement.

As the years passed, things were not as easy as they thought, even though they obtained the experience and knowledge necessary to create something unique and special within the competitive world of tourism in Puno, the passion for service led them to create Titicaca Lodge Peru and this proposal would make them the pioneers in the business of a stylish accommodation in harmony with the surroundings, traditional elegant decoration, beautiful panoramic views of Lake Titicaca and above all a lot of comfort and living culture.

The Titicaca Lodge Peru family is indigenous, we live on a floating island, which means that the experience that each guest will have is closely linked to our lifestyle, learning about flora and fauna, daily life, geography, history and Andean astronomy, For us, being in Titicaca makes us completely happy, as we sit down to watch the birds and the sunsets of Lake Titicaca surrounded by living nature and a star-filled sky, thus allowing us to obtain that longed-for inner peace.

For us, any place can be magical in archeology, but nothing is better than being in the middle of nature, in contact with water; and having grown up on a floating island whose mother language is the native Aymara language, we then learned English with the travelers, whom we consider our brothers and second family.

We are not a luxury Lodge, but we try to offer you the best possible comfort with the resources that are at our hands and possibilities, since we have some limitations such as: water and electric energy, this because there is still no a drinking water system, sewage systems and electrification in Uros islands. However, we use ecological methods like solar systems and dry toilet that help conserve the environment; Likewise, we feel responsible for preserving and revaluing our culture and also improving the quality of life of our countrymen by creating jobs, so that they can offer a better future to their families.

We invite you to be part of this new hotel concept and live this new experience of lodging; We are sure that you will feel at home next to your new family who will welcome you with open arms.

Our goals

  • Continue living in sustainability and in harmony with the environment.
  • Revalue our local culture, its customs and traditions.
  • Being a 100% local company and generating job opportunities.
  • Build a fully sustainable business that provides a good quality service to visitors and, at the same time, develops methods to provide Uros children and families with a better quality of life.