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    Promotion 2022

    Welcome to Titicaca Lodge Peru. We are a rural lodging, exclusive for people looking to relax away from all the noise and for those who want to experience the lifestyle of the place with rural tourism and experiential tourism.


    All our services are performed with the prepayment of room and services agreed, according to duration, availability, season, conditions, etc. (the coordination of payments will be established between the client and the designated counter / sale operator).

    Our customer must pay 100% of the amount of the room and additional services 2 months before the date of your arrival at our lodge.


    2 months in advance

    If you would like to get the best room, it is important to book in advance.


    Need Booking Help?

    If you need help with booking, Our advisor team are 24/7 at your service to help you.

    +51 951 099 503